You are about to order the ultimate airlocker,
The ATOM 9

*Technical specs ATOM LARO:

  • heat treated components
  • 24 spline chromoly locker
  • unique fast locking system
  • This model works with the “Rover” type 24 spline differential fitted to the Discovery I, Discovery II, Range Rover Classic, 90 & 110 front.
    Note: Only available in 24 spline, not available in 10 spline.

*Technical specs ATOM FORD:

  • Selectable air locker
  • Available in 35, 36 and 40splines
  • Ford 9inch based 3rd members
  • Works with all 9 and 10inch based aftermarket 3rd members, low and high pinion.
  • Maximum engagement
  • Full chromoly heat treated locker
  • unique fast locking system